About Us

Before we discovered alpacas, life was good.  However, we knew it was time for something different – for the next chapter in our lives.  In April 2006, just by chance, we happened to visit the Kentucky Classic Alpaca Show in Louisville, Kentucky and were instantly captivated by these beautiful creatures called alpacas.  We have always had a soft spot for animals and thought how great it would be to enter into a business working with creatures that we loved.  After several months of careful thought and research, the path ahead became clear.  It was truly the “perfect time” for us to make a life change, and we wanted that new lifestyle to include alpacas. Our dream was to live on an alpaca farm in Kentucky, and it was time to make the dream a reality.

We purchased land, designed and built a home, rehabbed and added onto an old 1950s tobacco barn, and put up a huge expanse of four-board, no-climb fencing.  The creation of our Kentucky alpaca farm was a long process that spanned four years, but we enjoyed the challenge and the journey.  Today we are blessed with the opportunity to live with these beautiful, personality-plus animals.  They are an investment that also brings a lot of joy into our lives.

The goals for Perfect Timing Alpacas are modest yet ambitious.  We plan to keep our herd small so that it can be easily cared for and managed by our family.  By maintaining a small herd, we know the personality of each and every one of our animals extremely well. We believe a close relationship with our alpacas helps us make educated decisions about their individual health care and breeding choices.

As far as the 22 natural alpaca colors, we have no particular color preference, with our primary focus on superior fleece quality and the ability to offer a wide variety of color choices to our customers.  The colors on our alpaca farm range from the lightest white to the very darkest true black and most everything in between.

However, first and foremost is a sound body on which to hang that beautiful fleece.  Once the proper body type has been achieved, we concentrate on fine tuning fleece quality through thoughtful breeding choices.

It is our belief that cross breeding makes for a healthier, stronger alpaca with minimal physical and medical issues.  Alpacas are natives of the Andes Mountains in Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, and all three countries are represented in our herd.

We applaud the emergence of alpaca products here in the U.S.  With so much focus on our environment and wearing clothing fashioned from natural fibers, it goes without saying alpaca products are the logical choice.  Alpacas are, after all, very “green” animals with soft, hypo-allergenic fleece that most anyone can wear and enjoy.

Every day on our Kentucky alpaca farm brings something different, and our knowledge increases with each new challenge and event.  Over the past several years, we  have had a number of losses as well as successes.  These experiences have made us somewhat stronger and smarter and better able to care for our animals as well as advise others new to the business.  Although we certainly don’t know everything there is to know, we’re happy to share with others what we have learned.

We believe customer service is extremely important and should not end with the sale of an animal.  We have appreciated those who have held our hands through the development of our business and been there for us through both the good and the bad.  Providing this same type of helpful and compassionate service to our customers will always be a priority of our business.