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Why Does My Betta Spit Out His Food?

Betta also was known as the Siamese Fighting fish which is very popular to be found in any aquarium trading. They belong to the family called gourami which are known to be having high tutorial with males in particular where they were prone to high frame of aggression and should have been attacking each other… Read More »

How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

Actually, the hamster is a most famous pet and they are very furry, cute and do not need much space like dog or cat. However, this hamster always needs an abode inside your home as well as they require a hamster cage. If you are purchasing the best hamster cage, you have to think very… Read More »

Welcome to Perfect Timing Alpacas

Our seven-acre alpaca farm is located in historic Shelbyville, Kentucky, just 20 minutes outside Louisville, Kentucky. We feature a small herd of high-quality Huacaya alpacas, with our focus on quality instead of quantity. At Perfect Timing Alpacas, our goals are to offer good quality alpaca fleece, proper physical conformation, a diverse selection of colors, and… Read More »