How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

By | November 16, 2019

How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

Actually, the hamster is a most famous pet and they are very furry, cute and do not need much space like dog or cat. However, this hamster always needs an abode inside your home as well as they require a hamster cage. If you are purchasing the best hamster cage, you have to think very carefully on the form of hamster cage that you want. At present, the hamster cages come in all sizes and shapes, so you have to think on when you are purchasing a perfect home for your pet. When it comes to purchasing the hamster cage, the size is a most essential thing to consider. These hamsters always require a lot of floor space in a cage, so they can easily run around as well as get exercise.

Size recommendations of hamster cage

How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

When you are looking for what the best cage size is for hamsters, you might become speechless with the disruptiveness among linked with animal groups. When it comes to the recommended minimum cage size, below are some suggested cage sizes from the different animal welfare groups for single hamster that include:

Hamster central

This is UK hamster with pretty equivalent suggestions to hamster hideout and its size is more than 75cm by 40cm.

Hamster side out

The minimum recommended size is changed from 360 square inches to 450 square inches, but larger one is a supreme choice.

German hamster

The size of 100x50cm or 775 square inches as a minimum with bigger sizes are being motivated. Also, the German animal welfare organizations have a bigger size recommendation.

What cage size does the hamster want?

Actually, there are numerous factors deciding on a cage for your hamster, but the most essential one is size of the cage. The cage of a hamster must be minimum 288 square inches in size. Bigger size is better, when it comes to the cage for your hamster, so attempt to obtain a bigger cage, if possible. Still, there are some other factors to consider while selecting a hamster cage size such as ease of cleaning, ventilation and type of hamster as well.

What is a recommended cage size for the hamster?

How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

If you are spending most of your day cages, normally you would need utmost space, so you have to purchase the best hamster cage for your pet and keep them as safe and comfort as possible.  Another essential factor to consider while choosing a cage is its design that couldn’t be unsafe or dangerous to your pet. Even some cages are barred and have small spaces to safeguard a hamster from sliding outside a cage. So, you have to choose out carefully from the unique varieties of cages that perfectly suit your cage to live. Below are the two possible options such as:

  • As big as possible
  • Filled with fun things to perform

Factors to consider while selecting the size of your hamster’s cage

Actually, the size of a cage is not only a factor you should consider, while selecting the best hamster cage size. There are three essential factors you should cope with before selecting a perfect sized cage that includes:

Hamster type/ breed

There are three common types of pet hamsters available such as Chinese, Dwarf and Syrian. However, each one has unique needs, when it comes to their size of a cage.

Chinese hamsters

Based on the essential cage size needs, there is not that much comparison among the Asian hamster and a Dwarf hamster. If you have a Chinese hamster, 24 inches long by 12 inches wider cage must more than perform a trick. You should also understand that these hamsters are extremely supple as well as disreputable for escaping their cages.

Dwarf hamsters

The Dwarf hamsters are quite a bit smaller than the Syrian hamsters. At present, these hamsters come in three unique kinds such as Siberian, Camp bells and Roborovski. This dwarf hamsters can be ranged from anywhere from two to five inches. This is a tightly safe cage that will not allow them to escape anyhow.

Syrian hamsters

The Syrian hamster is a most commonly sold hamster in the pet market place. It is also very largest at around 6 to 7 inches. Actually, the sizes of 24 inches long by 12 inches bigger or wide for an aquarium as well as least of 2 square feet for a wire cage would be a perfect size for the Syrian hamster.

Ventilation problems

How Big of a Cage Does a Hamster Need?

Generally, your hamster is going to breathe with more open space and the more fresh air. If you can afford it, surely it is recommended to obtain the best hamster cage possible. By performing so, you will be providing them a most contact to the natural and breathable air that they would meet in this wild.

Stimulation and space for exercising

Most probably, one of the most essential things on the size of a hamster’s cage is that how much space you are providing your small furry buddy for moving over there. Essentially, you must let your hamster out of a cage minimum once per day for supervised playing time; because they will be spending more time in that cage only.

The number of hamsters

Once again, the Syrian hamsters are one of the most famous of the entire pet owners. However, single per cage is an absolute guideline to twig to. If you having tiny hamster breeds, then you can maintain two hamsters in a single cage, tank or enclosure. In such case, you have many hamsters, then you need larger space and you can customize your cage based on your needs. You can also ensure that there are sufficient private corner and holes in there as well.


Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best hamster cage where your hamster can live in and stay happy as well as healthy, you must definitely consider these things such as perfect size, safety and security, proper ventilation and clean as well as spacious cage.